Real Life

One of the things that country living means to me is making do, or self suffiency. It all ties in with frugal living, simple living, even preparedess, but it's at heart, a hands-on type of doing for oneself by choice.

It's the difference between making a quilt from leftover fabric and worn out shirts and in buying one ready made. It's the difference in buying yogurt and making your own, in adjusting a thermostat and adjusting a log on the fire, in going to a movie theater and going on a leisurely stroll to watch nature.

What brought this on is watching the changing seasons. We are slowly turning from winter to spring. Leftover winter projects need to be finished now, before warm weather lures us outside.

There is mending to be done, jeans to be hemmed, a pouf footstool to complete and a myriad of other things to get finished and/or put away while watching for daffodils to bloom and seeing the pinkish balls of rhubarb begin to push up from the earth. Seedlings have to be watched, other seeds have to be started.

When you do things for yourself, you create the kind of life that depends on the changing seasons. You're in touch with nature, no matter where you live.

You don't have to give in to the pull of concrete and plastic and blacktop. Shopping malls have their allure for almost everyone, but that's not where real life is.I find that in my back yard, in my pantry still offering with good food from last year's garden, from my sewing basket and my knitting needles.

Where do you find your real life?

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