5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Garden Next Year

1. The price of vegetables are going up and up and will go even higher in the future. All food prices are going up and vegetables are one of the things that we can grow ourselves, no matter where we are. Container gardens, patio gardens or backyard gardens can produce an amazing amount of food.

2. There are not enough vegetables grown in the US for everyone to have a healthy amount of them. According to the USDA’s Economic Research Service via Off The Grid News which goes on to say that "...the supply of vegetables in the United States has been falling since 2000." And much of that goes to french fries and ketchup!

3. Your kids (and you!) will enjoy watching the garden vegetables grow. What better way to teach a child the wonders of life than show them how to plant a seed and how much patience it takes to wait for life to show. Then you can remind them and yourself how tiny that one seed was when you bring in armloads of produce.

4. You can stock your pantry and freezer with canned, dehydrated and frozen food that's healthier to eat than most produce in the store. You don't have to add those unpronounceable chemicals to your own home canned, dehydrated food and frozen food and you know how much salt and/or sugar is in it.

5. It's convenient to step outside and pick a salad or vegetables to cook for dinner. What can I say about that? If you prefer to get the kids ready, drive to the store, resist temptation and children's pleas, find the produce, pick through it, stand in line at the checkout then pay for it, go for it. I'd rather step outside, choose what I want and get back in the kitchen to finish making the meal.

So think about it. If you didn't put out a garden this year or have never put out one or you did put out one but found a few things lacking, decide right now and plan on growing a variety of vegetables and putting them up for next year. You won't have to depend on the grocery store for the healthiest vegetables ever!