Ready for Autumn!

Along about this time of year the whisper of autumn becomes stronger and stronger...  Sunflowers compete with yellow buses along country roads, the sky takes on a certain shade of blue and the deep shadows of the big trees across the alley linger just a little longer every morning.

Changing seasons, changing lives. There's a sense of renewal in autumn, a sort of taking a deep breath and starting out with a sense of purpose to prepare for the winter ahead. Although not all of us have to cut wood and preserve the whole harvest and begin making warm clothing, autumn is nevertheless a time of preparation.

Feeling the need to get ready for cold weather is not a throwback to caveman days or beyond. Our parents or grandparents needed to make autumn preparations. If we're smart, we'll do the same, even if what we do has changed.

What do we need to do in the autumn, before cold weather?

  • Have furnaces checked and change the filter.
  • Clean out coat closets. Check sizes, wear and so on, to see what needs to be replaced before cold weather.
  • Have our cars tuned up and ready for cold weather driving. Make sure our tires are okay for ice and/or snow.
  • Tend the harvest. Can, dehydrate and freeze produce that is cheap right now for frugal winter eating.
  • Take a look at window casings and doors and make any repairs that are needed. Replace caulking, tighten hinges, install weather stripping.
  • Take advantage of sales on garden tools, paper, pens, pencils and fresh root vegetables.
  • Look to nature to provide decorations and inspiration for our homes. Everything from river rock to dramatic "weeds" can be used creatively. 

There's a lot more to it besides the way we feel, although the "feeling in the air" makes us sometimes hurry to get things accomplished before... something or other. It only makes good money sense to preserve what we can, to get ready for the times of (winter) lean in the times of (summer) fat. In other words, the more prepared we are, the less the winter will cost us and that's a frugal fact.

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