As Summer Turns to Fall

I found this tucked away on the computer. The seasons are changing again - and as if they never have before, I watch in wonder as everything slowly moves from summer to fall. 
And the wheel goes round and around and around.

Summer turns to fall, frost and then a little snow.
Winter turns to spring and on and on it goes

I found a beloved stone and in my mind
It was polished and perfected, then the flaws began to show
The stone began to crumble and seem cold and far away

Shall I put it down and look for another?
Or shall I just put it down?
Or shall I keep holding it, waiting for summer to return...

Should I walk away...
Another stone will appear. Perhaps.

And summer turns to fall... and on it goes. 

Leaving little bits of us behind to turn dry and blow on the wind.

Winter turns to spring and on and on it goes.

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