Looks a little country...

 The little strip between the driveway and the neighbor's isn't good for much of anything, so instead of tearing it all up and replacing or working over the soil so it would at least grow grass, I gathered up some rocks and stepping stones and scattered them on it.

A few flowers (some wild) helps make it a better. It's not up to city standards of beauty, but it works for me. The more natural look I can get into this place, the more comfortable I am in it!

Here is another view of the same area. The pots with red salvia are cheap plastic, spray painted. There is a purple button flower that you can't see and some wild salsify. Later, there should be tiny mallow flowers and maybe something else that hasn't peeped up yet.

The area isn't finished yet and may never be! I am thinking of putting in a couple of gooseberry bushes by the fence. What do you think?


  1. Anonymous2:21:00 PM

    Pat, it looks good to me...are you thinking of converting it into a victory garden kind of set up? [You probably already have a few set up, but for growing veggies and things.]

  2. Nope, not there. I have gardens in the back and the raised bed you see in the background will hold vegetables soon. This is just my play place. ;)