The Lambsquarters are Growing!

So it must be spring... There was a place in the back garden bed where I let a couple of lambsquarter plants go to seed. Now that area is carpeted in tiny, baby lambsquarter plants. If only my garden seed grew as well!

I will let them grow a bit, then pull them up and eat them, probably raw, but if I have the patience, i will cook them and maybe freeze them to eat later.

Wild food isn't limited to the country, by any means, but in the city, one has to be careful to not pick wild food where it's been sprayed for pests or weeds. My backyard has had nothing put on it except organic fertilizer for about 13 years, so I feel safe eating whatever grows there.

If you're not sure about eating wild food, start with something very simple, like dandelions or lambsquarter. it's time for some good eating!

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