Seed Catalogs

The first one came before Christmas. I was hard pressed to not sit down right then and begin planning the garden!

Those beautiful pictures! I always think I can plant a lot more than is possible here. If I dug up my entire back yard, I might... but not all of it gets sunlight, so maybe not. Anyway, the catalogs make me forget how it feels when I get behind in weeding, or how I worry when something is late coming up.

If you're planning a garden, now really is the time to dig out the catalogs and make some decisions. What, exactly, will you plant? Where will you put it? What will you plant next to it? What preparations do you need to make? Do you need to buy seed or do you already have it (saved from last year)? Will you need to start things like tomatoes in the house or will you buy the plants already started?

By the time those questions are satisfactorily answered, it should be close to time to actually start.

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