A Solitary Walk

One thing you won't find in town, no matter how hard you look, is room where you can wander around without thinking of where you're going. A local park is a substitute, but it's only a substitute.

If your soul longs for a solitary walk, like so many people with country in their hearts, go to the park during a time when it's the least busy. Usually weekday mornings, when the kids are in school and Mom and Dad are at work, is the quietest time.

If you can swing it, it will almost feel like walking in the country.


  1. I live in the city (Montreal, Canada) and I go to nature parks for my walks, as those parks are larger than the standard park and there is more to see. For those who don't have a nature park in their area, I really like the advice you are offering as to when to take a solitary walk.

    1. Thank you. It would be awesome to have a nature park nearby! I don't know how common they are everywhere, but there may be more in the big cities than the smaller ones.