Baby Rabbit!

Or bunny, as some say. I got all excited about it when I spied one in my back yard last spring. He was under the clothesline, nibbling on some dandelion leaves.

Wildlife isn't very common in the city but now and then something besides squirrels and birds show up.

I wish I could have got a picture of him, but I was sitting on the swing and didn't dare move, much less get up and go to get my camera. Just picture in your mind a rather small, gray bunny, hunched in that peculiar rounded way they do, daintily nibbling dandelions.

That area is under snow now, but I still think of that day. I wonder if the bunny will return next spring?

A Solitary Walk

One thing you won't find in town, no matter how hard you look, is room where you can wander around without thinking of where you're going. A local park is a substitute, but it's only a substitute.

If your soul longs for a solitary walk, like so many people with country in their hearts, go to the park during a time when it's the least busy. Usually weekday mornings, when the kids are in school and Mom and Dad are at work, is the quietest time.

If you can swing it, it will almost feel like walking in the country.