Hardy, stubborn lettuce

I have saved seed from a rare lettuce called Batavia Laura for several years now. It's a hardy and good tasting leaf lettuce but it bolts quickly in hot weather. This last summer, I didn't get all the seed it produced and much of it fell to the ground.

Guess what? It started growing again in September. I picked a little of it then but didn't think it would last long, with the weather getting colder. It kept growing, though, and I kept picking it.

We have had below freezing temperatures at night for the last week or more and this is what the lettuce looked like yesterday.

I picked some and ate it on a sandwich. Glorious, isn't it? I don't know how long it will last, but I'm going to enjoy it to the very end and next spring, I'm going to plant it earlier, now that I know it will withstand freezing temperatures and below.

I bought the seed from Seeds of Change. They probably still have it, but I can't guarantee that. All I know is that I am happy with it (and with a late autumn salad!).

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  1. Anonymous12:33:00 PM

    Thanks, you answered the question I had about a goody, hardy lettuce.