Fresh Food Dreaming

I want to plant stuff! Yes, I know it's barely February and this is cold country. I know it will no doubt snow again... and again. I know the nights are freezing and some of the days are, too.

I still want to plant stuff. The seed catalogs have taken hold of my imagination and I daydream about watermelon and green beans and real tomatoes.

Grocery stores are okay in a pinch but there's nothing like fresh, real food! If you don't grow your own, buy someone else's fresh food from a farmer's market this year. The difference is amazing both to your taste buds and to your body. Vitamin loss is a real problem in foods trucked to the grocery store. The longer food is stored, the more vitamins it loses.

Where did that tomato come from? Probably not even the US this time of year. How long do you suppose it took from a farm to a sorting factory to a warehouse to a truck to an airplane to a truck to a warehouse to a truck and finally to the store?