Wild and Domestic Sunflowers Crossed?

It rained, finally! The garden and the lawn soaked it up. The air is humid, the temperature is on the cool side - of 90 anyway!

And the sunflowers are blooming. They don't usually bloom here until the last of July, but like almost everything else, they're ahead of time. Last year, I grew big, beautiful and colorful sunflowers and the squirrels bit off each head as it matured so I thought that I'd just stick with wild sunflowers.

I guess the sunflowers had a different idea. They must have crossed with the wild ones because they're small, have several flower stalks and grew without any care at all, yet they're not the sunny, cheerful yellow of wild sunflowers I had expected.

I'm going to try to save seeds from them. IF I can beat the squirrels to them!

The picture doesn't do them justice, but I was shooting into the sun so I couldn't see what I was doing. I felt lucky to get a picture of the sunflowers instead of just the fence.

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