Backyards in the City

The backyard next door was once a beautiful (in the eyes of some) green slope of perfectly trimmed grass with exactly two well shaped trees on it. The back fence was covered with Virginia Creeper. The neighbor hired a lawn service to come each week and do its thing. Flowers lined up along the sidewalk and a beautiful crabapple tree was sprayed each spring so it wouldn't set fruit.

Then he sold the house and the people there didn't do anything. As in nothing. The grass died back, trees sent up sprouts all over the place. Well, they did do one thing - they tore out the Virginia Creeper. I have some that is hardly under control, but theirs never tried to come back.

The neighbor on the other side waters her lawn sometimes 7 days a week. It's green and that's about all I can say about it.

Mine? Well, it's a little different from either of those yards. If you've read this blog or much of my other material, you know that I enjoy wild foods. There are several reasons, one being that they're free. Another reason is that they grow with little to no work on my part. If you've ever grown a garden, you can appreciate that.

The third point is that, as a rule, they're more nutritious than those plants we've changed to make bigger or prettier or easier to harvest and now use for food. What you see isn't always what you get when it comes to food.

I wrote a piece for Lehman's Country Life blog a few years back called Wild in the City. My backyard is still the same way as it was then: A lot of wild food growing all over the place.


  1. Very good article about the nature..i liked it.