High Park Fire

A photo of the High Park fire taken from the car on Highway 237 north of Fort Collins.

It's about all anyone is talking about right now. That and the heat. Oh, my, the heat. It was officially 107 today, not much of a change from the last few days and if the forecast is right, it won't be much of a change for the next few days... or weeks.

With the extreme heat and very dry conditions, it's very difficult to fight a wildfire. The firefighters have our prayers and thanks every day.

I live about an hour away from Fort Collins, which is the closest town to where the High Park fire burns. Over there, you can see the plumes of smoke rising high into the sky and there is an eery glow to everything.

Some mornings here we can smell the smoke. We can nearly always see it, rising like a cloud that's tied to the ground. Sometimes the sky is brassy and sometimes it's white.

Over 80,000 acres. That's hard to imagine. Over 200 structures, most of them homes, have burned. People have been evacuated and are huddled in school basements, in church basements and anywhere they can find room. Water, food and prayers are going their way.

Controlled burns could have prevented it or minimized it. Most of the fuel is beetle killed pine, which has been there for some time. Controlled burns would have removed the fuel and made the fire easier to contain. But what do I know?


  1. Anonymous6:43:00 PM

    I have been wondering if you were near the wildfires. Stay safe, and keep us updated. Praying for all affected!

  2. Thanks, Stacie. It's far enough away from here but there are many that it's affected closer to it.

  3. Glad to hear you are OK ... I have family in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, so I've been keeping an eye on the news reports ...

  4. I have friends in Colorado Springs. Both fires are frightening. We're all praying for rain.