Thirty Days Ahead...

These are June blooming climbing roses out front of the kitchen. I just took the picture a few moments ago - May 5, 2012. They have never bloomed before June first in the eleven years I've lived here.An early spring, indeed! I almost forgot to take a picture... so many things are growing and happening all at the same time.

And these... are amazing plants. Dandelions in a dry year. Notice how tall the flower stems are and how flat and efficient the leaves are. Nature is pretty smart.

And the new, "improved" blogger makes it difficult to align pictures or do much of anything else. At least until I have the time and patience to sit down and work with it. Meantime, ignore the open spaces and the strange alignment! :)

I finally got some manure (store bought, sterile kind) to help things along. I want to build another small raised bed just outside the back door... did I say that already? Got the soil, the compost, the mulch and now the manure. Just have to get a piece of wood for the front. I'll post a picture if when I get it done.

Oh, look! I rambled on so much that the blank space disappeared!

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  1. Anonymous1:39:00 PM

    My garden is crazy this year, too. My cucumbers have started to set fruit before they sent out their climbing tendrils! I've got tomatoes already forming!
    I just blogged my garden update:
    (I am in zone 7, with a mid-April last frost date. But I've never had a garden get established this early before!)
    LOVE your roses! Beautiful!