It used to be that I could put together a meal for four people for two or three dollars. Now I see articles that promise to show you how to make meals for less than $10. Less than ten bucks?? Have times changed that much, or have our eating habits changed?

After reading through several of these articles and recipes, it seems to me that our eating habits have changed. With a plentiful food supply, we think nothing of exchanging our money for feta cheese, tomatoes out of season, expensive nuts and seeds and so on. The world is our grocery store and we partake, hardly thinking that our bodies are products of our local environment.

I love good food, don't get me wrong. I grew up on beans and potatoes, wild greens and homemade cottage cheese and I grew up healthy... so here's my take on cheap meals. Cut the imported food, the exotic and the plain old expensive. Of course you love them, who doesn't? If you save them for a treat or a special meal, you'll enjoy them even more.

Too much of anything makes us unappreciative, like a child in a room full of toys. Abundance is one thing, overabundance is something else. An ice cream now and then is good for the soul and even if you're on a diet, you can indulge as a special treat. If you eat ice cream every day or whenever the thought strikes you, it becomes less of a soul experience and more of an ordinary food.

Who wants ordinary?


  1. Yes, who wants a tainted ordinary? I completely agree with you!You are right, too much of anything makes us unappreciative, and we have to spend more money to try and acheive the feeling of a treat. That is sad for our children, they can't enjoy a simple ice cream cone. If you have neices and nephews as I do, you can't treat them to anything, they have had it all and are unimpressed by simple treats. To treat them would recquire a large financial investment that would not be appreciated. Why waste the money?

  2. I feel sorry for so many children who are being raised in such luxury now. They will find it even harder to appreciate anything if nothing is special.

  3. ... or the reality will hit them really hard...
    I really do agree with you two!

  4. You're right, Johanna. When kids grow up, they don't always have those things that were given to them and they have a hard time adjusting. But maybe, just maybe, some of them will begin to appreciate things a little more.