It rained!

It really rained. After weeks and months with only traces of moisture, we got a good, soaking rain that lasted for hours, the way it used to. It misted most of the day after, then slowly cleared up. I can almost watch the grass grow. The lettuce jumped an inch overnight. We'll have radishes now, for sure!

No matter how much we water with treated water, it just isn't the same as a good rain. Rain brings nitrogen to the soil and there is no chlorine or flouride in it. No drugs or cysts or bacteria. Just water. Life giving water.

The new clothesline holds the rain the way I'd like to. I hate to let it go, even though the ground is saturated and things need the sunshine to grow, too. I'd like to hold on to it just a little bit longer.


  1. That is wonderful, I am glad for you!! A good rain really lifts your spirits doesn't it? We need it here too, desperately. The grass is brown and crunchy.

  2. I hope you get rain, too! My grass was getting pretty crunchy and a lot of things were just barely hanging in there, so I know how bad it can be.