Happy Mother's Day, Mom

Not quite four years ago Mom passed on. She had lived a long and full life, but lives have a way of turning sad when one becomes old. It happens to us all. We can't do the things we'd like. People don't act the same around us. Kids find other things to do and we wonder if it's our fault.

Oh, but this isn't a sad post, for all that. Mom taught us so many things that we would never have known. She took us for walks along the river where the old trees had fallen and in their dignified way, had given life to the soil and the insects. She would say "shhh..." and if we shushed the way we were told, we'd hear baby birds chirping or we'd hear something scuttling under the leaves on the ground. If she said "look up" we would see a nest or a hawk or a cloud with a real silver lining.

She saw and heard it all and she taught us that if we wanted to see and hear it all, we had to be quiet and we had to look. Not just at where we were going or where we were, but at the things around where we were. At the ground and the sky and everything in between.

She taught us much more, but if those two things had been the only two things, her memory would have endured many tellings and retellings. When my grandkids ask about Grandma, I tell them. And I hope that, if I'm not here to do it, they will tell their children. Grandma said "hush" and "look up."

Try it. You might be amazed at what you've been missing.


  1. Happy Mother's Day Pat! That was a lovely post.

  2. Thanks, Melanie, and I hope you have a good one, too. :)