Bees? Yes, Bees.

Seasonal Illusions Photography
Used by permission
Do you know what commercial beekeepers do to their bees? They take the queen bee after a few egg laying cycles and they pinch off her head. Then they take another queen bee and they artificially inseminate her and put her in the hive. They take all of the honey from the hives and they feed the bees cheap sugar water through the winter.

And our bees are disappearing. Not dying, disappearing. No one knows where they're going. I have a theory that the foreign queen eats them. They probably refuse to bring her food since she's not their queen and she has to survive. Being the strongest and biggest, she cannibalizes the colony.

Will anyone believe me? Probably not. But my theory is as good as anyone else's.

When there are no more bees, our diets will be restricted to those foods that don't need much help in pollination, or we will very high prices for food that's been hand pollinated. Can you imagine a field of squash with a dozen workers bent over the blossoms wielding artist's brushes?

It could happen. Then squash will cost as much as asparagus out of season. THEN your kids will like it.


  1. Anonymous11:39:00 AM

    It's not so far fetched that farm workers would have to pollinate each blossom with a paintbrush. It's already happened in China. There are whole pear orchards that have to be pollinated like that because there are no bees. I don't know much about Colony Collapse Disorder, but the beekeepers I've talked to say it's not just one thing causing it. They think it's bee illnesses, too many pesticides, too many GMOs. My husband and I would like to keep bees someday, so this topic really interests me. I hadn't ever thought that the foreign queen might be eating the worker bees though. Something to definitely think about!

  2. I know it's not so far fetched. That's what makes it scary.
    I don't buy the "not just one thing." I think that just means that they don't know what causes it. It could be a lot of things, but it's probably just one - the problem is that they don't know which one. Just my opinion. :)

    I really was shocked to find out how commercial bee keepers treat their bees. It reminded me of egg factories and pig farms that won't even allow pigs enough room to turn around. Animals and insects are not factories.