Sometimes it seems like life just gets too busy to think about things. That's my excuse for not posting here for awhile, anyway. :) Catching up:

I started tomatoes and peppers in the house and had them setting outside since the weather has been so warm. We got a hard rain that wasn't expected and some of them are flat. Well, all the peppers are. This week I'll have to go to the nursery and buy tomatoes! It's too late to start them again. I'm just hoping that I can find the kind I want.

On another subject, it's time to change the winter bedspread to a light weight one. Last year I used a pretty sheet that I found at the local Goodwill for a summer bed cover. This year, I have a project. I think. I was sorting through some material and sewing things and found a quilt top I'd started about three years ago. I was waiting for more jean material to show up to finish it, but had an idea. If I finish the edges to add another 6 inches or so on each side, it will be big enough to use on the bed. So maybe I finished that quilt once and for all!


  1. We would love to have some unexpected rain here!! Have already changed my winter bedspread for a thinner lighter spread, we did not even use the flannel sheets here this year! I have always wanted to make a blue jean quilt! Sounds like you have a good reason to finish yours now!!

  2. I was happy to see the rain, believe me! I just wish the tomatoes and peppers would have survived it. Guess they weren't used to rain. ;) It didn't get as cold here this winter as it usually does, but still cold enough for flannel sheets.

    The quilt top is blue jean squares surrounded by other material, so I can just sew a plain strip on either edge, I think. Haven't quite decided yet.