When It's Springtime

My daughter and I took a little drive out of town this afternoon. Fields are greening up, farmers are out on their big tractors and their little tractors, manure is piled alongside fields to be spread for fertilizer, plant nurseries are gearing up and the leaf buds on the trees are swelling ever bigger.

Back at home, I saw a dove doing what I think was a mating dance in flight and the finches are very noisy. The little ones (human kind) from next door are playing in their backyard.

Does that mean anything?

Here's something that does mean something: The tomatoes are coming up. I have to replant the peppers (don't ask) and I'm so hungry for fresh, green stuff that I might have to go to the grocery store! A tiny pot of lettuce on the kitchen windowsill just won't do it.


  1. Anonymous6:31:00 AM

    My husband's hay fever is in full swing already! Pollen around here has made its yearly "dump" a full two weeks early. I'm tempted to start planting seeds, but I'm afraid we'll have another frost.
    (Oh, and I had a couple of starlings "on a date" in my back yard recently.)

  2. All three signs of spring! I'm sure we'll have frost before planting time here. At least I think I'm sure.

  3. We're getting spring fever around here. My husband tilled the garden yesterday, way earlier than we usually do. I'm sure we're going to get a lot of things killed when it gets cold again. It always happens, we are not usually free of frost until the middle of May. This has been an unusually mild winter.

  4. The garlic is up! And the dandelions are showing their baby leaves. Maybe we won't have a freeze between here and May, although a few frosts are inevitable.