Sunflower sprouts?

I feel like I got scammed, but I did it to myself. I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things - a very few things, and then I found a bag of sunflower sprouts marked down to about half price. Good snack, right? Better than chips or cookies! They didn't look too old, so I bought them.

After I got them home, I realized that there was a full head of sunflower seeds stored away. I had intended to save some to plant again and roast the rest and never got around to sorting them out.

D'oh! I could have made my own sunflower sprouts for much less, even marked down. AND they would have been fresh and no doubt, more nutritious than the ones I bought.

Will I never learn?

More about sunflowers (I don't always blow it)
How to Eat a Sunflower

I'm STILL waiting on Yahoo Voices to fix a problem with republishing an article on sunflowers there.


  1. Hate it when I do something like that too, as hard as I try not too, it happens sometimes. However I learned something, did not know that sunflower sprouts were edible. D'oh! Never thought about it before. Once again you have taught me something!!

  2. It just makes me so mad at myself when I do things like that!
    Sunflower seeds are easy to sprout and fast, too. Soak them overnight and that's about it. As soon as they start to sprout, put them in the refrigerator or they go bad really fast. I think. I've never had any last long enough to find out. ;)