Homemade Easter

Since there's a new little one in the family this year, Easter is going to be a lot of fun! Easter baskets and eggs and candy (well, probably not so much candy - she's not quite old enough). All those pretty colors and frills that go with Easter and baby girls makes me smile just thinking about it.

I want to make it a "homemade" and "homegrown" Easter as much as possible. (If I only had some chickens for eggs!). I just rounded up some natural dyes for Easter eggs, so I'm going to be using them. I haven't dyed eggs for a few years, so this should be interesting.

A hand knitted duck and rabbit, a chocolate dipped egg made with mashed potatoes and powdered sugar and a basket that I haven't decided on yet, will do it for her.

Her mom and dad get their own "basket" of course. I usually find a container of some kind and put Easter goodies in it for all the kids who are nearby, no matter how old they are.

It's fun to see how much I can hold down costs and still have a nice Easter for everyone. Any other tips I should be using?

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