Knitting by Candle Light

One night not long ago, I left the curtains open as long as possible to use the last of the daylight, then I lit candles and I sat down to knit.

After the candles were in the right places, it really wasn't too hard to see. I was kind of surprised, but then, our grandmothers or great grandmothers knitted by the light of kerosene lamps, candles or even firelight and they made some beautiful things.

It was actually restful, sitting in the quiet and knitting by the low light. Firelight is more natural to our eyes than artificial lighting and I think it's more natural to our souls, too.

Going from straight, harsh artificial lighting to candles or lamps can be hard, but going from natural daylight as it fades to candles or lamps makes it easy.


  1. Enjoyed this post, that must have been relaxing, what a way to end a day!

  2. Yes, it was wonderful!