Knitted curtains

I looked and looked at lace patterns until I got tired of myself! I couldn't find one that was perfect for the curtains I want to make for the office/craft room. So... I wound up creating my own, very simple lace panels. When I get enough done (hopefully before the New Year!) I'll post a picture here.

It's going to take a lot of time and I will have to put it aside for other projects now and then, but I think they'll look nice when they're finished.

These long term projects always seem like such good ideas until they're about half way done!

I remember a quilt top that I decided to sew strictly by hand. And then there was the large braided rug I was going to make for the living room... One day, who knows? :)


  1. This is sounding familiar, much like myself! Can't wait to see the curtains when you get finished though!

  2. I knew I wasn't the only one to start projects knowing full well they were going to take forever and a day. :) Sadly, I haven't even touched them this week!