What's up?

I was standing in line at Walmart this afternoon when I saw a bag of Hershey's candy. Three Musketeers, Snickers and whatever other candy bar they have like that. I honestly thought (briefly) about buying some, but then I looked at the price. Nine dollars. Precisely $8.98. For candy?

On the other side were candy bars, all a dollar a piece. My mental calculator, limited though it is, was whirring. I have a small piece of chocolate here at home, the kind you're supposed to melt to coat things with. I also have a few peanuts in the bottom of a package. Why not combine the two and make my own candy bar for free? Or I could bake cookies. Or make a pie.

As I looked around, it dawned on me how lavishly people live and how I must be living all cramped up. I could no more pay nine dollars for a bag of candy than I could pay nine hundred for a meal. It just isn't in me.

Other things I noticed (not all at Walmart):
Flour has gone up about 20 cents for five pounds.
Sugar is back up, after a brief fall over the holidays.

Also, watch this. The price of beef will be dipping soon as ranchers sell off their stock because of wide areas of drought... BUT, the price will soon soar higher than it's been because after the glut there will be a shortage.

Does "shortage" ring a bell? I think we've been there. Remember the coffee shortage? The sugar shortage? The threat of a wheat shortage? The threat of food shortages altogether? Don't ignore them. It's going to hit where it hurts.


  1. $9 for a bag of candy? Remembering why I don't buy the stuff now! My mind is thinking about all of the things that I can do with $9! Besides your homemade candy would probably taste better anyway. Would not have all of that flashy packaging material though! LOL!!

  2. Anonymous8:33:00 AM

    Weird, I JUST posted on my blog about my grocery budget going even higher:

    Speaking of chocolate, my daughter and her friend made a double batch of English toffee using this recipe:

    It was quite tasty. They took it to school, and only came home with two pieces.

  3. Yeah, I'd really miss all that flashy packaging! LOL! I haven't done it yet. Maybe I don't even want candy. Marketing?

  4. Homemade is always better and that means candy, too. Somewhere I have a recipe for mashed potato Easter Eggs. Not what it sounds like. You put powdered sugar in mashed potatoes until it's like the creamy filling. I'll dig out the recipe before Easter.