Dreams of the New Year

What better time to drool over the new seed catalogs than during a snowstorm? None, really.. but since there's no snowstorm in the immediate future, I drooled anyway. Why is it that everything looks so good, so fresh, so abundant in the catalogs? I want two of everything - no, make that three.

This year will be the year I have a great corn crop, tons of tomatoes, beans growing like weeds and squash that behaves itself. This year I will go out every morning and pull weeds and do whatever needs doing in the garden. This year I will keep the strawberries watered and fertilized. This year the plums will go into butter and jelly instead of on the ground for the bugs to eat.

This year, like every other year, is filled with dreams, with anticipation. This year. It's like no other and yet, it's like every other top of the year. We can look down the road and make it anything we want.

Never mind that hailstorms might flatten the corn and hornworms might find the tomatoes. Those things are just hazy possibilities. In my dreams, they don't really exist.

I hope you have a wonderful, dream filled New Year.


  1. Your dreams are similar to mine! I always plan to do better each year, sometimes I may not meet each goal, but improvements are made. How sad not to try.
    And yes those catalogs look good right now!

  2. I feel sorry for people who don't try. Without hope (and dreams), what's the point?