Cleaning House

Does everyone get the urge to clean house right after Christmas? Not just "clean house" but CLEAN house. You know what I mean. You start dusting a cabinet and wind up sorting the contents and getting rid of half of it. Empty shelves remind you that you have a box of "stuff" in the closet that needs a better home, so you start putting some of it in the cabinet. The rest goes in the giveaway pile. The empty spot in the closet reminds you that you really need a shoe rack... and on it goes.

That kind of cleaning house. I've been at it for almost a full week now and honestly, there's no end in sight. I figure that by the time I go through the entire house, it will be time to start over.

But that's okay. It's ridiculous for one person to have so much "stuff."

I've discovered that I've been holding on to some stuff because I got caught in a rut. I used to enjoy plastic canvas needlepoint, so I have tons of patterns for it. I subscribed to five different plastic canvas magazines at one point! I've kept them for several years, thinking that I would get back to it again. I won't. I tried and I don't want to do it any more. I had to turn loose of that part of me that enjoyed it.

Turning loose of who I was was definitely unsettling. It's kind of like cleaning house in my mind.

Well, it may be too early to philosophize, but it's hard to let go of some things, even though they don't suit us any more. We can't move forward unless we turn loose of the past.

And that's my deep thought for the day. Or maybe the week. :)


  1. I'm not sure if it's an after Christmas urge, or an end-of-year urge that gets disrupted until Christmas is over, but I know what you mean. I had hoped to do that this week, but got laid low with a cold cough, so am only getting started slowly on it today.

    I hope your letting go has helped. I also have things that I need to let go of.

  2. Maybe it is an end-of-year thing instead, I don't know. All I know is that it happens every year! It does help to let go of things. Not to philosophize again, but as long as we're tied to what we were, we can't strike out and become what we are. Or something like that.:)

    Sorry you got a cold, but glad you're getting over it.