Well, I dug the horseradish out of the mud. Now it's scrubbed and in a bag in the refrigerator, waiting for me to be inspired enough to get it ready to eat.

This was planted about three years ago and I harvested it for the first time last year. I thought there was plenty - two big roots and a few smaller ones, so I gave some away. Bad move! I ran out and have had to rely on commercial horseradish for the last few months. I don't eat it often, but a roast beef sandwich just isn't the same without it. Hotdogs are great with it, too, and my daughter eats it in pinto beans.

It's good for us, they say. I'd eat it whether it was or not.

I'll put this in the Vitamix and process it for a couple of minutes then I'll put a little vinegar in it to stop it from getting too hot.

Refrigerated, it lasts for a very long time. "They" say a few months, but I kept it last year for about 9 months and the end of it was just as good as the beginning.

Wish I had a picture. All that's left is a mound of dirt and leaves over a few roots left for next year's crop.

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