My Knitted Blanket and How it Grew (and is Growing)

Have you ever started a project that you couldn't seem to find an end to? About three or maybe four years ago, I decided to use up some yarn I'd had forever and knit a blanket (which is very easily said, isn't it?)

I used a ripple pattern and did actually make it big enough to cover up with, at least if I kind of hunched up and didn't move around much. A year or two later, I added two side pieces so it was wide enough to fit the bed from side to side. Now... well, it would be nice to have just a little overhang, so I wouldn't have to move to the middle of the bed to stay warm.

So... here I go again. I don't know if you can see it, but part of it's done in two shades of purple and white, a part of it's done in purple/white/turquoise and another part is done in white. These are not chosen color schemes, they're just what I had an abundance of. Now I don't have an abundance of any one color, so I don't know what colors to use. I have just about everything, from yellow, green, blue, red, pink, brown, black, white... well, you get the idea. What color would you use?


  1. Anonymous4:37:00 PM

    I vote blue!

  2. I don't knit, so this is not an expert opinion, but I think white or black would look good. Is it hard to learn how to knit? I was a total failure at trying my hand at it back in high school.

    I love things that involve planning ahead to stay warm in a cold winter. So cozy.

    I love your room and your bed frame is absolutely gorgeous.

    God bless you, Jayne

  3. Oh, good idea! I have some baby blue and some country blue... maybe the country blue.