The End of the Harvest

Summer is over. And now autumn seems to be on the way out. Yesterday, we drove into the country to absorb the amazing colors of trees and bushes and bounty still in the fields.

In the back yard, glorious fall colors hover over frozen gray-brown and black tomato plant skeletons.A winter storm warning is set for tonight and tomorrow the high is supposed to be just above freezing. Yesterday the high was 77; tomorrow it's predicted to be 34.

Yesterday we pulled the last of the radishes and cut the lettuce back. Today I will cut what's left of the broccoli and peel the stems to freeze for soup later on. There are tomatoes ripening in a box on the kitchen floor and I need to sort through them today. If there is time, I'll do another canner load of tomato sauce. I found two big cucumbers when I pulled the frost bitten vines, so I'll make a jar of refrigerator pickles with onions and whatever else I can find.

I'm not through yet. There is horseradish to dig after this storm. Dandelion roots yet to dig and roast for "coffee," and the Jerusalem artichokes need cut back and mulched.

It won't be long, though, until activity out doors will be limited to shoveling snow and a walk on the sidewalks.

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