Yesterday morning, I woke up after dreaming I was planting beans. I went back to sleep and dreamed that I was pulling radishes. So... I went out and pulled a few radishes that were getting really big and then I planted a few beans alongside them.

It's so peaceful in the early mornings when I can get out to the garden, but there are too many houses and trees here to see the sunrise and I'm reminded of it every time the sun peeps over top of the neighbor's apple tree.

Can't have it all, I suppose, but a time or two I've taken a drive just as the sun was rising and parked on a country road to watch it. It's worth the drive now and then.

A sunrise is a daily miracle. Poetry and songs have been written about sunrises. Maybe it's because a new day promises new beginnings. Or maybe it's because of the wonder of the light returning. Or maybe it's because we recognize somewhere deep down, that this is life at it's most basic expression - an expression that is outside of us and beyond us.

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