Canning Meat and the Harvest

I've been canning for years but have always been leery of canning meat. Year before last I finally got enough courage to can some fish that was given to me, and since I've discovered that I didn't die after eating it, I'm thinking about canning homemade stew. I will probably do it this fall, after the weather cools down but while I still have (I'm assuming) a lot of garden vegetables to work with.

Have you tried to can stew or soup? I'm wondering how potatoes would turn out. I canned potatoes one time when we had so many I didn't know what else to do with them, and they were okay, but just barely okay.


  1. i came across your blog from another blog I found about country living. My husband and I and 3 girls currently live in town and we are fortunate to be able to have our chickens where we live. We just bought a farm house and cant wait to get out onto out acreage and start adding more chickens and fun to the mix!

    I have never tried canning much, I plan to learn how and what all I can can! :) With that being said I don't know how canned stew would turn out, my grandma only canned stew ready tomatoes for us. I do freeze a lot of things and Stew is one of them. My only thing I learned is DONT cook the potatoes too long. I only bring them to a boil for about 5 min or until the water starts to get foamy at top. If you cook them too long, they tend to get smooshy and not taste right. Maybe thats the same with canning? I don't know. Thanks for our blog and thanks for the wonderful ideas you share! I plan to bookmark your blog and check in again! :) Much thanks from Iowa!

  2. Overcooking may be what made the canned potatoes taste funny, I'm not sure. I'm trying to get away from freezing so much because if we ever have an extended electric outage, everything would be lost.

    Thanks for your comments! :)