Backyard gardening

Backyard gardening. Raised beds, containers (sorry they're not pretty) and a solar oven at work under the clothesline. It takes some work to keep it all together but that's what it's all about anyway.

This picture was taken earlier this year. The tomatoes (in buckets) are now producing. No ripe ones yet, but soon... very soon. There's nothing like the anticipation of the first ripe tomato of the season. 

One of the containers has a pepper which is very slow this year, just now beginning to bloom. There are two others in the ground 'way back there and they're just now setting peppers, so it's probably just the weather.

Got paprika, though! It's in the front yard (someone said you know a country person is living there when the garden extends to the front yard). It's my first time growing paprika so I'm kind of excited about it. The cost of the plant was less than a container of prepared paprika at the store. It looks like there will be plenty for a couple or three households for at least a year or more. Not a bad investment!

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