My Own Socks

Yes, there's more to life than food! It's not all about growing it and using it. Right now there's a pair of socks on my knitting needles. I started them before Easter! I had to stop and knit for a new grandbaby on the way, so I put them down and I'll tell you, remembering exactly what I did on the first one isn't easy.

I usually write things down as I go, but I'm not sure the notes I found are the right ones. Keeps things interesting, anyway.

My goal is to knit enough socks to never have to buy them from the store again. In the summer I don't wear socks much, but there is a time both in the spring and fall when I need socks but not heavy socks.

I've never knitted socks with laceweight yarn and I have a feeling it would take forever, but I guess it's time to try. After I get this pair done. And the pillow cases embroidered. And the bedside rug made. Oh, heavens, after I get the sewing/mending caught up! Maybe next year.

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  1. I hope to eventually only own hand-knit socks. I'm certainly at the stage where I own more pairs of hand-knit that bought socks, so I'm getting there!