Learning to live in the country in the city

When it first began to dawn on me that I could still incorporate my country ways, I'd been living in this city home unhappily for about five years. I'd sold the old place and moved into town due to health and other reasons as it seemed the most sensible thing to do.

Now the most sensible thing to do is to incorporate those things I love into the right now of living. It's satisfying to "go back" to where I once was and find that I can still do things to make life happier, save money and even get a little more real exercise. I am living a country life in a city home.

And that's my introduction to this blog.

Just how I am learning to live "country" again is a process of relaxing, of letting myself let go of working and trying to keep up - not with the Joneses, they never impressed me - but with the status quo, with what the neighbors expect, with what others do. With the background roar of city living and the almost enforced waste and the quick shopping trips and the forgetting that I can make my own just about anything.

It's a journey. Come with me.


  1. I look forward to hearing about your adventures :)

  2. I told you I'd follow you on the net and am impressed with the concept of this blog. Really looking good...Beverly

  3. Anonymous10:31:00 AM

    A kindred spirit! Living in a downtown area with a quarter acre to "countri-fy", I really feel like I've got the best of both worlds. A spot to garden, and walking distance to theatres, restaurants, events.