How Not to Plant Lima Beans

I knew better, I really did. I'm still disengaging my brain from trying to do everything the cheapest way possible. That's not always the best way.

My daughter is helping me with the gardens this year because she only has a balcony to garden in and can't get her fill there. She wanted to plant lima beans, so decided to plant some leftovers from the bag I had bought to eat instead of buying seed.

Now, there's nothing wrong with planting beans that come in a package to eat, but when they're... maybe three years old?

We waited and hoped for them to grow, but only one did and it was from the last few beans that wouldn't fit in the row so I'd tossed out on the edge of the garden.

So... I went and bought lima bean seeds yesterday and planted them this morning. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping the season is long enough to get a harvest. If it isn't, I owe her a few pounds of choice, organically grown lima beans.

So far, I'm not making a very good homesteader in the garden. Other beans are not doing well this year either, so maybe (a tiny part, maybe?) it's not all me...

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