Try as I might, living here in town just isn't the same as living in the country. I can't have chickens here because my property isn't big enough. Even if it was big enough, the number allowed is very limited.

I'm griping today about this because I really like chickens. I love hearing roosters early in the morning and I love hearing a hen squawk when she lays an egg and cluck when she's content. And baby chicks? Oh, don't get me started!

One time I raised 200 chicks to butcher. ONE TIME, I said. I raised chicks many times, but never that many at one time. That was a job and so was the butchering. A couple of dozen at a time was enough after that.

I used to go out to the chicken house just to watch them. When my son was little, he loved chickens, too. We had a nice chicken house with a fenced in yard and he would go out there to play. One time he asked me to lock him in with the chickens so he could see them closer. I did and he stayed out there for a very long time, just enjoying their company.

I think every kid deserves to be friends with a few chickens.

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