Broccoli Bonsai

It's so nice to get up in the mornings, get a cup of tea and go out to the "patio" while it's still cool. The garden is doing well, despite some strange weather this year. I can't quit planting, though. It didn't look like there was enough beets among the lambsquarter, so I planted another couple of short rows behind the broccoli - which is another story.

I bought broccoli from a local nursery and planted it within a few days, so it isn't my fault (this time!). Anyway, they're about 6 - 8 inches tall and beginning head out. After some research I discovered that happens when broccoli is left in small pots too long. Sort of like broccoli bonsai?

The only thing to do is to buy broccoli seed and start my own and hope the weather holds long enough to get a decent crop. Any plants I'd buy now, if any are still available, will likely have been in their small pots too long, too.

Live and learn. It's always best to do it yourself. Remind me of that.

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